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Wi-Fi Troubleshooting: Connecting & pairing the Botvac D7 Connected with the Neato App

The information in this articles requires the Neato App and a supported Smart Device. To install the latest version of the Neato App, please visit your devices appropriate marketplace:


Before you begin you will need:

  • Your home Wi-Fi name (SSID)
  • Your home Wi-Fi password
  • Fully charged robot


Launch the app and follow the directions provided.
You will be prompted to:

  • Create an account
  • Verify your account via e-mail
  • Add/connect your robot

If you encounter connection or pairing problems, please refer to the following steps:


STEP 1: Check your Wi-Fi Router information:

  • Make sure your wireless router supports the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands.
  • Verify that you have the correct Wi-Fi password for your network.
  • Ensure that your WiFi SSID and Password does not contain slashes (/) or spaces ( )
  • If you are connecting to a hidden network, make sure you have the correct SSID and it's entered correctly (SSID information is case sensitive).



STEP 2: Consider your Wi-Fi Routers Physical Placement: 

  • Router placement does matter. Be sure it's located in a central area, offering the best possible signal with limited interference to all your connected devices.
  • Avoid placing your router behind building material that blocks its signal. Material such as glass, concrete, brick, steel or any type of metal is known to be problematic. 
  • Avoid placing your router next to electric devices or appliance that emit RF noise. TV's, Cordless Phones and Microwave Ovens are good examples. 
  • For single-story homes, consider placing the router as high as possible in the room. This will help disperse the signal throughout your home.
  • For two-story homes, placing high on the first-floor ceiling or low on the second floor may provide better coverage. 
  • For three-story homes, consider placing in the center of the second floor. This should help evenly disperse the signal to all three floors. 
  • If available, multiple story homes or rooms with known dead spots may show improvement by introducing additional Access Points, Repeaters or Extenders


STEP 3: Connect and Pair

  • If your first attempt at pairing was unsuccessful, you'll need to place the robot back into pairing mode.
  • To do this, press and hold the "Right Bumper" and "Start Button" simultaneously for 10 seconds.



  • Allow the robot to turn off, then press the "Start Button" once more to turn back on.
  • When back on, the Wi-Fi LED will slowly blink "blue" indicating the robot has entered pairing mode.
  • Refer back to the Neato app and repeat the pairing process.
  • Select ADD A NEW ROBOT and follow the steps provided. 


During the pairing process, the Wi-Fi LED may exhibit the following behavior until the robot is paired:



LED Color What it Means
Slow Blinking Blue Robot is in Pairing Mode
Fast Blinking Blue Pairing to Neato app/account
Solid Blue Pairing successful (shows for 5 seconds)
Solid Red Pairing unsuccessful (shows for 5 seconds)

Note: Adding the robot to your Wi-Fi network is part of the pairing process. If you change your networks SSID or password, you will need to reconnect and repeat the full procedure.

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