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Wi-Fi Troubleshooting: Connecting & pairing the Neato D7 with the Neato App

Before you can begin using all the advanced functions of your Neato Intelligent Vacuum, you need to get it connected to your Wi-Fi Network. First thing to do is install the Neato App to your smartphone or tablet. Please visit your devices dedicated app store to download the latest version:

If you've already installed the Neato App, please skip to STEP 2.  


STEP 1: Install the app and connect your Neato to Wi-Fi.

  1.  After installation, launch the app and follow the directions provided.
  2.  You will be prompted to:
    1. Create an account
    2. Verify your account via e-mail
    3. Add/connect your robot

If you encounter connection or pairing problems, please continuing reading.


NOTE: If you are unable to connect after several attempts, please contact Neato customer care and consider running a network scan prior to creating a support ticket. For additional details, please see the following:


STEP 2: Check your Wi-Fi Router information:

  1. Make sure your wireless router supports the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands.
  2. Verify that you have the correct Wi-Fi password for your network.
  3. Ensure that your WiFi SSID and Password does not contain slashes (/) or spaces (  )
  4. If you are connecting to a hidden network, make sure you have the correct SSID and it is entered correctly (SSID information is case sensitive).


STEP 3: Consider your Wi-Fi Routers Physical Placement: 

  • Be sure it's located in a central area, offering the best possible signal with limited interference to all your connected devices.
  • Avoid placing your router behind building material that blocks its signal. Material such as glass, concrete, brick, steel or any type of metal is known to be problematic. 
  • Avoid placing your router next to electric devices or appliances that emit RF noise. TV's, Cordless Phones and Microwave Ovens are good examples. 
  • For single-story homes, consider placing the router as high as possible in the room. This will help disperse the signal throughout your home.
  • For two-story homes, placing high on the first-floor ceiling or low on the second floor may provide better coverage. 
  • For three-story homes, consider placing in the center of the second floor. This should help evenly disperse the signal to all three floors. 
  • If available, multiple story homes or rooms with known dead spots may show improvement by introducing additional Access Points, or a MESH network.


STEP 4: Connect and Pair

If your first attempt at pairing was unsuccessful, you'll need to place the robot back into pairing mode.

  1.  Press and hold the "Right Bumper" and "Start Button" simultaneously for 10 seconds.


  2.  Allow the robot to turn off, then press the "Start Button" to turn it back on.
  3. When back on, the Wi-Fi LED will slowly blink "blue" indicating the robot has entered pairing mode.
  4. Refer back to the Neato app and repeat the pairing process.
  5. Select ADD A NEW ROBOT and follow the steps provided. 


During the pairing process, the Wi-Fi LED may exhibit the following behavior until the robot is paired:



LED Color What it Means
Slow Blinking Blue Robot is in Pairing Mode
Fast Blinking Blue Pairing to Neato app/account
Solid Blue Pairing successful (shows for 5 seconds)
Solid Red Pairing unsuccessful (shows for 5 seconds)

NOTE: Adding the robot to your Wi-Fi network is part of the pairing process. If you change your networks SSID or password, you will need to reconnect and repeat the full procedure.


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