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How do I setup "Virtual No-Go Lines" with the Botvac D7 Connected?

To set up Virtual No-Go Lines, please be sure that the Neato App is installed on your selected device, then follow the next steps:


  1. Launch the Neato App and tap the "Tri-Bar" symbol in the left upper corner.


  2. Select the "MY FLOOR PLAN" option.

  3. Tap the "START" button and allow the robot to do a full house cleaning.


  4. When the cleaning completes, you'll be notified that the robot has created your new floor plan.

  5. Give the new floor plan a name and save.

  6. Tap the "ADD NO-GO LINE" icon and draw your boundary line directly on the map.
    Continue tapping the "ADD NO-GO LINE" button to create multiple boundary lines.


  7. When finished setting your boundaries, tap the "Save" icon to store your floor plan with "Virtual No-Go Lines" added.


  8. A confirmation prompt will appear, letting you know that "No-Go" lines have been saved.


  9. Once saved, your new floor plan with "Virtual No-Go Lines" will become your default map, and be utilized for future cleaning events.



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