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How do I find the current software version on my Botvac D3/D5 Connected?

Please be sure that that latest version of the Neato app is installed on your connected smart device. Click here for app details

  1. Launch the neato app

  2. Tap the options icon in the upper right hand corner of the app


  3. Select the “MY ROBOT” option


  4. On the following screen locate and tap the gear icon

    a. App version 2.0


    b. App version 2.1

    2.1_My_Robot_settings_.a2..png  >  2.1_My_Robot_settings_.b2..png

  5. On the following screen locate the “ROBOT SETTINGS” section, then tap the “Robot Info” option.


  6. On the ROBOT INFO screen locate the “Software Version” field and take note of the version number.



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