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Google Home Setup

Setting up Neato Botvac Connected, D3, D5, and D7 to Work With Google Home.


1. First, setup your Neato Botvac.

  • If your Neato Botvac Connected, D3, D5 or D7 is already configured, you can skip to step 2.
  • If you're new to the Neato community, please follow our setup instructions within the Neato App; available from Google Play (Android 6.0+) or from the Apple Store (IOS 9.0+).


2. Ensure your Google device is running as expected.

  • If your device is already operating, please skip to step 3.
  • For help configuring your device with Google Home and Google Assistant, consider visiting Google's Setup guide for support and setup details.


3. After steps 1 and 2 are confirmed.

  • Use your supported smartphone to open the Google Home App.
  • Locate and tap the “triple-bar” icon, in the upper left hand corner.



4. From the Google Assistant menu, tap the “Explore” option.

  • The Google Assistant app will launch (or prompt to install).



5. Tap the Google Assistant search box.



6. Search for “Neato” then tap the “Talk to Neato Robot” card.



7. Tap the “LINK” button to associate your Neato account.



8. Login and authorize your Neato account.




9. Now you can use Google Home to control your Neato Robot. Try saying:

  • “Ok Google, ask Neato Robot to start cleaning.”
  • “Ok Google, ask Neato Robot to stop cleaning.”
  • “Ok Google, ask Neato Robot the battery level.”

Be sure to visit our Google Home and Google Assistant Summary FAQ for further information, and additional voice control details.

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