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How do I change or clean the bearings on my Botvac Robot’s brush?



If your Neato Botvac brush is making odd noises or isn’t functioning as expected you may have dirt or hair caught in the brush bearing. Follow these steps to clean or change your brush bearing.

After removing your brush from the Neato you will see a metal bearing on one end of the brush like so:


To remove the bearing for replacement or cleaning we recommend using your fingers, or a small flat head screw driver for tough to remove bearings, similar to one you might use to repair eye glasses (below).


With your fingers, firmly grasp the bearing between your index and thumb and pull towards you.


If using a screw driver, gently ease the screw driver between the metal bearing and the orange plastic cap on the end of the brush.


Pry towards you and the bearing should come off of the brush. This may take a little work depending on how dirty the bearing is.


Clean the bearing with a cloth or grab a replacement bearing if you have one and place the bearing back onto the orange end cap of the brush.

Give it a slight press of the thumb to make sure it’s securely seated on the brush end cap.


You’re now finished and can place the brush back into your Neato Botvac. Make sure you place the bearing end on the side closest to the wall.


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