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Please put me down on the floor


A 'Please put me down error message' is triggered when the Neato is not on a solid flat surface, or when it is lifted in the air. If the error is constant then there may be an issue with one of the wheel sensors.

Please try the following to resolve the issue.


  • Turn the Neato over onto it's back.


  • Both of the large wheels should click when pressed into the Neato.


  • If you do not hear a faint click please rapidly press the wheel in and out of the neato to try and free up the switch.


  • If you have any compressed air, blow it into the wheel well to try and clear any debris.


  • Perform a soft reset by holding the start button on the Neato until all the lights turn off. The press the start button once more and wait for the chime.




If the issue is persistent, please click on the blue chat icon for assistance or visit our Customer Care Contact page for more options.


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