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Please clear my path. (2000)

What the screen says What it means What to do
Please clear my path. (2000)
Botvac is having difficulty navigating the environment.

Some reasons this occurs:

  • The laser is blocked.
  • It is having difficulty navigating the floor.
  • The sensors are dirty or not working properly.
  • The wheels or brush are dirty.
Follow these steps to troubleshoot:
1. Make sure there is nothing preventing the robot from moving forward (e.g., obstacles, tangled in cords, robot is not flat on floor)

2. Make sure nothing in the environment has changed since the robot started cleaning (e.g., furniture moved, robot moved to different room)

3. Make sure the screen sticker that came with the robot has been completely removed.

4. The robot needs to be reset. Push the battery switch UP to OFF, wait 5 minutes and push DOWN to turn back ON.

5. Make sure wheel wells aren’t blocked with debris.

6. Make sure the battery is charged

7. Make sure the robot’s laser freely rotates: Use a Q-tip to rotate the laser 5 times to the left and 5 times to the right, making sure NOT to put the Q-tip in either hole

8. Using compressed air, use short bursts of compressed air about 6″ away

If issue persists, please click on chat icon for assistance, or visit our Customer Care contact page for more options.

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