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How to use the Neato Cleaning tool

You can use the Neato Cleaning tool to clean both your vacuum brushes and some filters that do not have a mesh covering.

  • Brush Cleaning:  Remove your Brush from your Robot. Using the safety cutting blade on the cleaning tool, cut the debris (hair or fiber) that is tangled on the brush.  Align the cleaning tool’s safety cutting blade between the brush blades with the safety cutting blade under the hair and fiber. Push the tool away from you along the length of the brush to cut the hair and fiber.  Then, use the comb to pull all of the excess hair and fiber off of the brush.
  • Filter Cleaning:  Take the Dirt Bin out of the robot and remove the filter from it. Clean the filter by inserting the comb’s teeth in between the pleats of the Neato High-Performance Filter and brush away any debris into a garbage can.  You can also gently brush the Neato standard filter with the comb’s teeth to remove debris from the filter material.

Note: Newer filters that ship with the Botvac Connected D Series Robots have a mesh cover that do not require or allow cleaning via the brush tool.

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