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Neato All Series Documentation

Documentation of all the Neato Series

Here you can access documentation (Quick Start Guide, Important Information, etc.) on all the Neato Robot Series:


D Series (D8, D9, D10)

Quick Start Guide - D8, D9, D10

Important Information - D8, D9, D10

User Guide - D8, D9, D10

EC Declaration of Conformity - D8, D9, D10

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Connected D Series (D3, D4, D5, D6, D7)

Quick Start Guide

D4 / D6 / D7:

D3 / D6:

Important Information

D4 / D6 / D7:

User Guide

D7 - User Guide:

D6 - User Guide:

D4 - User Guide:

D3 / D5 - User Guide:

Product Setup Guide

D3 / D5:

EC Declaration of Conformity



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Botvac Connected Series

Quick Start Guide - Botvac Connected Series

Important Information - Botvac Connected Series

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Botvac Series

Quick Start Guide - Botvac Series

Important Information - Botvac Series

User Guide - Botvac Series

Battery Replacement & Optimisation - Botvac Series

Disposal & Battery Handling Information - Botvac Series

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XV Series

Quick Start Guide - XV Series

Important Information - XV Series

User Guide - XV Series

Battery Replacement & Optimisation - XV Series

Disposal & Battery Handling Information - XV Series

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