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What router firewall and port settings work with my Neato Robot?

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If your Wi-Fi router is 2.4 GHz (Or you have a D7 and are using a 5 Ghz band) and your Wi-Fi password is correct, but you cannot connect to the server, your router firewall and port settings may need to be changed.

Certain Wi-Fi router firewall and port settings can prevent a connection with the Neato servers. You need to check your router to make sure the firewall and port settings are set correctly. Please refer to your router’s documentation for specific instructions.

  • Note: Before you change any settings on your router, save and export your current configuration or write down the settings, in case you need to revert back to the original router settings.

Port Settings

If you have a port blocked or IP security blocking on the router’s firewall, it needs to be configured to allow access to these ports:

  • 80 (http) and
  • 443 (https)

Firewall Settings

  • Usually firewalls have a low, medium, and high firewall security setting. Neato robots may have issues with medium and high. Try changing the setting to low or turn it off and then try connecting your robot again
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