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Using the Start Button, and LED Feedback on Botvac Connected-Series Robots


This article applies to the following:

  • D3
  • D4
  • D5
  • D6
  • D7



We recommend that you connect your robot and use the Neato app to get full access to all features and operate your robot with the easy to use interface of the app.

You may also want to start a cleaning using the Start Button on the robot. Just press the Start Button and your neato robot vacuum begins cleaning automatically.  See how the Start Button and LEDs work below:

Info LED NeatoInfoLight.png

  Action Info LED 
Start Cleaning Press Start Button 1x for house cleaning

Press Start Button 2x for spot cleaning

Solid Blue

Solid White

Pause/Resume Cleaning Press Start Button during cleaning to pause robot.

Press Start Button again to resume cleaning.

LED pulses during pause
Cancel Cleaning Press & hold start button for 5 seconds Robot & LEDs turn off & robot plays a tone.


Battery LED NeatoBatteryLight.png

Robot Is: LED Color What it Means
Cleaning Solid Green Battery level is normal
Solid Amber Battery level is low. Battery must be charged before a new cleaning can be started
Charging Pulsing Green Battery is charging and robot can start cleaning
Pulsing Amber Robot is fast-charging the battery and must complete before cleaning can start


NeatoInfoLight.png During Pairing Mode, the INFO LED has the following specific behavior until the robot is paired:

LED Color What it Means
Slow Blinking Blue Robot is in Pairing Mode
Fast Blinking Blue Pairing to Neato app/account
Solid Blue Pairing successful (shows for 5 seconds)
Solid Red Pairing unsuccessful (shows for 5 seconds)


What if you are not connected to the APP and you have a Red Led light? Please perform the following troubleshooting: 
  • Clean your brush by taking off your Brush guard and checking for debris in the brush or end caps.
  • Check for objects or items that might be stuck in your brush or wheels.
  • Check for objects obstructing your robots path.
  • Check bumper that the bumper is free and clicks when pressed.
  • Empty your Dustbin and make sure the filter pushed all the way in.




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