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What is the Find Me feature?

This information is related to:

  • Botvac D5 Connected
  • Botvac D6 Connected
  • Botvac D7 Connected


If you cannot find your robot in your home, you can use the Find Me feature to help you find it. Click on your robot 2017-10-02_11_29_15-Inbox_-_pedro.castillo_neatorobotics.com_-_Outlook.png icon on the Neato app dashboard. The robot will start beeping for 5 seconds so that you can “follow the sound” to eventually find your robot.  Press the 2017-10-02_11_29_15-Inbox_-_pedro.castillo_neatorobotics.com_-_Outlook.png icon again and again until you locate your robot in your home.  Feature is available on specific models of connected robots.

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