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How do I prepare my home for cleaning?

When you prepare to use your Neato Robot Vacuum make sure you try to clear the space of as many obstacles as possible.

Clear the area: Put away toys and other items from the floor. Check for small objects like earrings or socks that can get stuck in the vacuum’s brush. Move or tie up cables and cords from the floor. Lift bed skirts if you want Neato to clean underneath. For area rugs with longer tassels, fold the tassels under the rug: Neato is usually OK with short tassels.

Beware of water: Pick up pet water dishes and plant containers to keep moisture from damaging the robot’s electronics.

Use the boundary markers: If your robot shipped with boundary markers lay them down flat on the floor to designate an area as "off limits" to the robot. Use the boundary markers to block stairs with thick carpeting as this can affect Neato's drop sensors (stairs with thin carpets are OK). Boundary markers must be 6 inches away from the edge of the stairs/drop and lay flat against the floor when used on thick carpeting. 

NOTE: If your robot supports No-Go Lines, you will be able to replace your magnetic strips with virtual boundaries you draw in the app, once you complete Floor Planner cleaning cycle. Once configured, your robot will not cross over No-Go Lines when initiating a cleaning from the Neato App or at Scheduled cleaning times.


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