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How do I set the day and time on Botvac Connected?

There are two ways to set the Day and Time on Botvac Connected:

  • If in UNCONNECTED mode, use the LCD screen and its associated buttons to select MENU/SETTINGS/DAY AND TIME to set the actual day of the week and the current time.


  • If in CONNECTED mode, when you connect your robot to your home Wi-Fi network, the day and time will automatically be set by your network. As long as it stays connected, it will be continuously updated for daylight savings time and standard time.

NOTE: If the robot is moved outside its network and becomes disconnected and it has been powered off, the time on the Home screen will revert to 00:00 or 12:00 AM. Under this condition, scheduled cleanings will not happen as the robot has lost its time. There are two options to get schedule cleaning to work:

1 – Remove the existing network: MAIN MENU> SETTINGS> WIFI> Remove Network. Then, follow the steps in your Neato app to Connect a Robot and connect your robot to the new location’s WiFi and the time will be automatically set.

2 – Disable WiFi (MAIN MENU>SETTINGS>WIFI and uncheck the Wi-Fi box) and set the clock for the robot using the LCD: Main Menu>Day and Time.


You need to have the Day and Time set on your robot in order to schedule it to clean automatically.

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