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My Neato Robot doesn’t always find its charge base. What can I do?

If you start a cleaning cycle with the robot from its charge base – or if it passes the base during cleaning – Neato will find the charge base when it needs to recharge or finishes cleaning. If you start the robot away from its base, it identifies the charge base when it passes it during cleaning and will return when complete. If it cannot find the base, it will return to the spot where it started.

When you start Neato from the charge base, make sure the base is flat on the floor, with enough room around it (three feet on the front, left and right sides). Put the base in an open and visible area, where the robot can “see” it. Avoid direct sunlight and thick carpeting that can cause the base to lean and make contact difficult.

Lastly, try putting the charge base in a new location or two. If the problem continues, contact Neato Customer Care at

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