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Return to Base / Return to Start

When starting your Neato robot from its charge base, the robot will:

  • Start its cleaning cycle,
  • Will detect its base using its laser while it is cleaning the room(s) and add a notation to its internal map for the base location, and
  • If mid-cleaning your robot runs low on battery power, it will return to base to charge and then return to finish cleaning where it left off.
  • When finished cleaning, will return to the base to dock and charge until the next cleaning.

With no interaction with the robot, this is how it should operate.

In some cases, you might:

  • Stop your robot mid-cycle. Move it to a new place and start a new cleaning cycle.
  • Move your robot more than 2’ from where you paused the robot.
  • Pick up the robot, move it to a point, starting the cleaning cycle in the middle of a room (i.e. not on the charge base).

If this is the case, the robot may not find its charge base while cleaning, most likely will not know where it is on its map and may cause an error, and not return to start or base.

In other situations, your robot in its attempt to return to its charge base:

  • May not have enough power to get back to base.
  • Might get lost and not find its base.

If your robot repeatedly doesn’t get back to base, we recommend you try relocating your charge base as described in this support article.

For best results:

  • Start your robot from its base.
  • Do not interfere or move your robot mid-cycle.
  • If you start your robot away from its base and it does not go back to its base when it completes its cleaning, make sure to pick it up and place it on its base as soon as you can after it is done cleaning.



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