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What is Manual Clean?






Manual Clean mode lets you drive your robot with your Neato app to direct its cleaning path. The vacuum is always on during Manual Clean mode. Using the Neato app, by pushing one of the 4 buttons, you can:

  •  Drive your robot straight ahead
  •  Pivot left or pivot right
  •  Drive it backwards

IMPORTANT:  Manual Clean mode lets you take control of the robot while it cleans.  Other than the robot drop sensors under the front right and left side of the bumper, ALL other robot sensors are turned off.

There is no rear drop sensor on the robot.  When operating the robot in Manual Clean mode be very careful that the robot does not fall down steps, damage walls, drive into fireplaces, etc.  You should be in full view of the robot when operating it in Manual Clean mode.


You can press and hold the forward button to move it straight ahead for a distance, letting go of the button when you want it to stop. The same is true for pivot left/pivot right. When driving the robot backwards, holding down the back button on the Neato app moves the robot approximately 1 foot/30cm. You need to hold the back button again if you want it to move up to 1ft/30cm backwards again. NOTE: The robot does not have a rear drop sensor—you must stop it if it gets close to an edge.


Manual Clean Operation – Manual Clean mode can only be operated while the smart device (running the Neato app) and the robot are on the same network. This means that if you are away from your home network, the Manual Clean function will be greyed out and unavailable to you. When you return to your home network, and both your smart device and robot are on the same network (same SSID), you will be able to use the Manual Clean function on your Neato App. You cannot be on a 5GHz network with your smart phone and 2.4 GHz  network on your robot.


Upon starting a Manual Clean run, the robot takes 12 seconds to warm up the vacuum (during which the robot buttons are greyed out). If you stop moving the robot for 30 seconds or more in Manual Clean mode, the vacuum motor is turned off.




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