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How do I clean the Neato XV’s brush?

Clean the robot’s brush frequently for best results. Most hair and other debris are captured in the dirt bin, but some may get tangled on the brush.

To clean the brush, follow these steps:

  1. Turn your robot upside down.
  2. Place your fingers under the brush guard in front of the wheels, pull up gently under the brush guard pops out. Remove the brush guard.
  3. Lift up on the brush and gently take it out, sliding the end with the belt out and away from the belt.
  4. Remove any debris from the brush. Wipe the brush blades and brush core with a slightly damp cloth to remove dust.
  5. Re-insert the brush into the robot by fitting the end with the orange teeth into the belt slide, rotating the brush as you push so the belt teeth align with the teeth on the orange end cap of the brush. Once the belt is wrapped around seat the other end of the brush into the robot.
  6. Replace the brush guard, and click it into place to make sure it is locked.

For optimal performance, replace the brush periodically, or if the blades or bristles are damaged. You can buy replacement brushes through one of our partners here.

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