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My vision is blocked. Please press OKAY (1000), (2000), (3000), (4000), (5000)

What the screen says What it means What to do
My vision is blocked. Please press OKAY (1000) (2000) (3000) (4000) (5000)
The laser sensor that measures distance to objects is experiencing problems. Press OK. Try power cycling the robot by holding the START button for 20 seconds. If the problem persists, reset the robot. Push the battery switch to OFF, wait 5 minutes and turn back ON. If you don’t have a battery switch, try disconnecting the batteries.

It is also helpful to make sure the following is done:

  • Make sure nothing is blocking the robot or that the robot is not tangled in cords
  • Make sure the robot is flat on the ground
  • Make sure furniture was not moved or that the robot was not moved to another room
  • Make sure the robot’s laser freely rotates: Use a Q-tip to rotate the laser 5 times to the left and 5 times to the right, making sure NOT to put the Q-tip in either hole
  • Using compressed air, use short bursts of compressed air about 6″ away
  • Charge your robot until it is solid green

If issue persists, please click on chat icon for assistance, or visit our Customer Care contact page for more options.

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