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Please open my dirt bin & push switch DOWN to ON. (0008, 0009, 8015, 8016)


The robot has a power connection issue or the battery needs to be replaced.


  • Check the charge base to make sure all connections are secure. On an XV base, open the base and check internal connections as well.


  • Soft reset - While your Neato is up against its charging base, Press and hold the Home button for 20 seconds. The Neato will power OFF and ON.


  • Turn the power switch (inside the dirt bin) off for 3 -5 minutes. 


  • Navigate to Menu > Support > New Battery. Neato will say "Thank You." Press the Back arrow twice to get back to the main screen.


  • Fully charge and run for 3 complete charging and discharging cycles.



If the issue persists, we recommend replacing the battery with a genuine Neato battery.

Click on the blue chat icon for assistance or visit our Customer Care Contact page for more options.





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