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What is Clean House?

A press of the CLEAN HOUSE button house or START button tells your Neato Robot to clean the entire space on a single floor of your house.

When you press this button, Neato comes off its charge base and scans the area.

  • If the area is less than about 15’x15’ Neato does a boundary cleaning of the area and then cleans the interior using a back and forth straight-line pattern.
  • If the area is larger than 15’x15’, Neato will create a virtual room that is about 15’x15” and do a boundary cleaning and then clean the interior of the virtual room using a back and forth straight-line pattern.  It then moves on to vacuum the next virtual room.  Depending on the size and configuration of the room, it may or may not finish one room before moving to the next. It will continue to clean in “segments” until the job is finished, keeping track of where it has and has not cleaned, using its sophisticated BotVision™ technology.

If Neato runs down its battery before finishing the job, it will navigate back to the charge base, wiggle up to it and recharge.   You will see a message on the LCD that says “Suspended Cleaning While Charging”.  Once re-charged Neato will go back out to where it left off and resume cleaning until the job is finished. It will recharge twice during a full cleaning cycle if the area is large enough to require it.

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