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Can I set-up my robot on more than one Wi-Fi network?

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Yes, you can pair your robot with up to 10 different Wi-Fi networks from the same Neato app.

NOTE: If you change the password of an established Wi-Fi network, you will need to first remove (by tapping on the “trash” icon in the upper right corner) and then add back the network with the new password.

Step 1) First tap on the Robot Icon and then on the Settings Icon Picture1.png 

NOTE: You will not need to pair your robot to this new network. 



Step 2) Select Wi-Fi from the list of Robot Settings and then select the plus sign from the top of the screen to begin scanning for available networks.




3) Your robot will now begin auto-scanning for all nearby non-hidden compatible networks.  If your Wi-Fi network is hidden you can manually enter it in the box at the bottom of the screen where it says “Or type Wi-Fi name…”

NOTE: For more information on compatible Wi-Fi networks for your specific robot and hidden Wi-Fi names please visit the Connection Troubleshooting section of the Support Site (CLICK HERE)




Step 4) Enter the password (case sensitive) for the Wi-Fi Network you are attempting to connect you.  Upon successful connection you will see the newly added network in your list of available Wi-Fi Networks.




Step 5) To connect and start using your newly added Wi-Fi network select it from the list and choose ‘Connect’.  Upon Successful connection you will see a checkmark beside the active Wi-Fi network.


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