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Scheduling cleanings with your Neato Robot

This information is applicable to:

Botvac Connected
Botvac D3 Connected
Botvac D4 Connected
Botvac D5 Connected
Botvac D6 Connected


For information about the BotVac Connected D7 Click Here

Your Neato robot can be scheduled to clean your home when it is most convenient for you and your family. Neato can remember several unique recurring schedules so whether you’re a same-time-everyday person or you’re an only-the-days-that-start-with “T” type Neato’s got you covered! Once you setup your robot’s schedule just sit back and soak in the delightful life of smart home cleaning.

Step 1: From the Neato iOS or Android Application select the tri-bar menu and choose ROBOT SCHEDULE.

home.JPG            schedule.JPG



Step 2: In the Robot Schedule screen choose to Enable Schedule, then tap ADD CLEANING DAYS to configure scheduling. On this screen you can select the TIME, DAYS and CLEANING PROFILE (Eco or Turbo)

NOTE: In iOS version, make sure to select the check mark in the top right corner of each sub-screen to save your selections. In Android version, the check mark is only shown on the Add Cleaning Days screen.

 add_cleaning.JPG       scedule1-5.JPG


schedule2.JPG        schedule_3.JPG

Step 3: That’s it, place your Neato on its Charge Base and Neato will take care of the rest!


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