Neato Customer Care Holiday Hours

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season. Our Customer Care team will be away from the office from 4pm EST on December 24th and back to normal business hours on December 27th. They will also be off from 4pm EST December 31st, 2016 and back to normal business hours on January 2nd, 2017. Feel free to fill out a contact us form and they will get back to you upon their return.

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Setting up your Neato Robot Vacuum

Congratulations on your new Neato robot! Follow these instructions so your Neato can start vacuuming — and you don’t have to.

  1. To start, remove the protective films on the display of the Neato robot vacuum and its charge base. Then, plug the charge base into a wall outlet
  2. If your Neato robot has an On/Off switch in the dirt bin area, remove the dirt bin, push the switch downward to ON, and replace the bin.If your robot does not have an On/Off switch, use a screwdriver to open the battery doors and connect the batteries by following the instructions in the Quick Start Guide.
  3. Place your robot vacuum on the charge base for its initial charge. Neato is ready to clean when the status light turns solid green. We recommend you charge the batteries overnight before you use Neato for the first time. After that, run through three complete cycles of charging and cleaning-until-recharge to get the most capacity from your batteries.
  4. Turn on your Neato by pressing the START or CLEAN HOUSE button house.
  5. Select your LANGUAGE following the commands on the display, and let the cleaning begin.
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