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Can I use the same charge base on different Neato XV Series robots?

XV Series charge bases can be shared between various XV Series robots and robot models, however, newer XV Series robots cannot be charged with older charge bases. Newer charge bases can be used across all XV models.

You can determine compatibility by looking at the robot serial number.  If the charge base you want to use came with a Neato XV Robot that has a serial number starting with “RSN” you can only use this charge base with other robots with a serial number starting with “RSN.”

Using a charge base that came with a “RSN” serial numbered robot with a XV robot that has a “NSN” or “S/N” serial will not work.

However, you can use a newer charge base (that came with a “NSN” serial number robot) with all XV robots that have either a “NSN”, “S/N” or “RSN” serial number.

You can find the serial number by looking at the sticker on the bottom of the robot. It will start with “RSN”, “S/N” or “NSN”.


Old XV Dock New XV Dock
Old XV Robot Yes Yes
New XV Robot No Yes
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