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How do I get the most from my Neato Robot batteries on Botvac Series and XV Series?

By following a few simple rules, you can help extend the life of your robot’s batteries. How you take care of the batteries – and how much you use them – affect their longevity.  Here are some tips to optimize your battery.

Keep Neato on its charge base when not in use – out of sunlight and heat, and on a flat surface.  Make sure the charge base is located in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat like a heating vent. Keep the charge base on a smooth, hard surface. Thick carpets can cause the charge base to tilt, which prohibits the robot from making proper contact with the base.

Store Neato with the batteries disconnected, or turned OFF. If you are going away and won’t use your Neato robot for an extended time, charge the batteries fully and then disconnect them for storage (see How do I disconnect Neato’s batteries).

When you want to use your Neato robot again, reconnect the batteries and fully charge your Neato.  For instructions on how to reconnect the batteries, see instructions to replace Neato's batteries.

Charge as soon as possible after discharging the batteries.  If your robot’s batteries are low and the LED is amber or blinking amber, charge the batteries as soon as possible.

Keep Neato’s brushes clean. If the brushes get clogged with hair or other debris, your Neato will strain to rotate them, using more battery power than normal. Be sure to clean your brush regularly.

If you are running into any issues with charging, run times or other battery related concerns please look at this article to recalibrate your batteries.

If recalibrating your batteries did not fix your runtime issue, you can purchase replacement batteries here.

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