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How do I find out if my robot is registered to my Neato account and the status of the robot’s Wi-Fi connection?

To find out if your robot is registered and connected to MY NEATO account and to see the status of the Wi-Fi connection, press SELECT button under Home screen to go to the Main Menu:

main_menu_cleaning_screenshot Select Settings

settings_language_screenshot Select Wi-Fi

wifi_lcd_screenshot Wi-Fi Off: Unchecked means robot Wi-Fi is OFF

wifi_lcd_remove_network Wi-Fi On: Checked means robot Wi-Fi is ON

When Wi-Fi is ON you can tell whether or not you have previously connected your robot:

  • If your robot has not been connected, then you will not see Info and Remove Network.
  • If your robot is, or was previously connected, then you will see Info and Remove Network.

Select info and you will see the following screen:


Line 1: Name of Wi-Fi network the robot has been setup to connect to.

Line 2: Robot IP Address

Line 3: Server: Indicates the status of the connection to Neato Server.

  • green_checkmark Connected to Neato Server
  • red_x Not connected to Neato Server

Line 4: Linked: Indicates if your robot was linked (registered) to your Neato account.

  • green_checkmark Linked (registered) to your Neato Account
  • red_x Not linked (registered) to your Neato Account
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