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What are ECO mode and TURBO mode on Botvac Connected?

This information is related to:

  • Botvac Connected D4
  • Botvac Connected D5
  • Botvac Connected D6
  • Botvac Connected D7


You can set the robot to clean the house using ECO mode or TURBO mode.

  • eco_mode_icon ECO mode is quieter and cleans for a longer period of time.
  • turbo_mode_icon TURBO is a more powerful clean, with stronger suction and a faster rotating brush optimized to pick up more debris.


ECO and TURBO modes are only available on Botvac Connected.

Operation of ECO and TURBO modes on the robot control panel and the Neato app:

ECO/TURBO operation using the Robot Control Panel:

  • The default cleaning mode is TURBO for all House and Spot cleanings started on the robot – either the House/Spot buttons or the LCD.
  • To change the default setting for all cleanings started on the robot, go to the Home screen, press SELECT > Main Menu > Cleaning > and check or uncheck the ECO checkbox. If this box is checked, when you use the robot control panel the default cleaning mode is ECO.
  •  For all Scheduled cleanings, you can choose TURBO or ECO mode.

ECO/TURBO operation using the Neato app:

  •  The default cleaning mode for cleanings started on the Neato app is TURBO. You cannot change this default.
  •  For individual cleanings, before you start, you can use cleaning settings to change from TURBO to ECO.
  •  For all Scheduled cleanings, you can choose TURBO or ECO mode.
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