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What are ECO mode and TURBO mode on Botvac Connected?

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You can set the robot to clean the house using ECO mode or TURBO mode.

  • eco_mode_icon ECO mode is quieter and cleans for a longer period of time.
  • turbo_mode_icon TURBO is a more powerful clean. It may include stronger suction and a faster rotating brush optimized to pick up more debris depending on the model of your robot.

You can toggle between Eco/Turbo mode in the Neato iOS or Android app.

  • For individual cleaning, before you start, you can choose to use ECO or TURBO mode by going into the OPTIONS menu on the home page of the app.
  • For all scheduled cleanings, you can choose ECO or TURBO mode.

Individual Cleanings Eco/Turbo mode:

clean-home.JPG     clean-options.JPG



Scheduled Cleanings Eco/Turbo mode:

 A.                                                          B.

home.JPG     schedule.JPG


 C.                                                                    D.

add_cleaning.JPG     clean-option-schedule.JPG


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