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How long does it take to charge Neato Robot’s batteries?

The Neato Botvac Connected takes takes two to three hours to charge from depleted to full. The status light on your robot will turn solid green when the battery is fully charged. Several factors influence charging time.
  • The charge level of the battery: If the battery is almost fully depleted, charging will take closer to three hours. If partially charged, it will take less time to reach full capacity.
  • The environment of the room: Your robot will charge faster on a hard surface located in a cool dry area. On hot days, on carpet, expect longer charging times.

Note: Through the use of an innovative software solution we call “Charge to Clean” if your robot requires additional “Battery Life” to finish a cleaning job based on your home’s Floor Plan your robot will return to the Charge Base and charge just enough to complete the cleaning job in as little time as possible!


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