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How do I create multiple floor plans with 'No Go' Lines?

This information is related to:

  • Botvac Connected D5
  • Botvac Connected D6
  • Botvac Connected D7


To create multiple floor plans, Neato app version 2.6 or above is required. If needed please visit your smart device's marketplace to obtain our latest update.

When app version 2.6 or above is installed, the app will prompt a notification to update the robot software to ver 4.2 or above as needed. Software version 4.2 or above is required for multiple floor plan support.


To create multiple floor plans:


  1. Launch the Neato App

  2. Open the side menu by to tapping three_bars.png

  3. Next tap on My Floor Plan

  4. If you have an existing floor plan, you will see it listed. Tap on the floor plan name to continue. 

  5. Tap "Add a New Floor Plan"

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to set-up an additional floor plan


For additional details or steps to create your first-floor plan, please see: How do I set up "Virtual No-Go Lines" with Botvac Connected Series Robots? 


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