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Zone Cleaning FAQ


What is zone cleaning?

Zone cleaning allows you to tell the robot to clean a specific area on-demand. Spill a little flour while baking? Simply send your robot to the kitchen to clean it up.

You can also schedule zone cleanings so trouble areas are cleaned more frequently. Schedule your robot to clean under the dinner table after breakfast, or clean the entryway after the kids come home from school.

This allows you to personalize your cleaning in a way that fits your daily activities.


What Neato robots will have the Zone Cleaning feature?

This feature will be available on Botvac D7 Connected. 


Do No-Go lines work with zone cleaning?

Yes, No-Go Lines will work with zones. Adding or removing zones does not impact No-Go Lines. Your robot will always adhere to No-Go Lines.


Can the user schedule a cleaning?

Yes, the user can schedule a zone for cleaning. This is useful since the robot can clean key areas on a more frequent basis. For example, you can schedule the robot to clean under the dining table everyday after breakfast time. Or the robot can be scheduled to clean the entryway after the kids get home in the afternoon.


Does quick boost charging work with zones?

Yes. If the robot runs out of power, it will go back to the base to charge, and then return to the zone to finish the cleaning.


What is the process for updating the software?

You will see an alert in the app which will ask you to update your app first (in the App store or Google Play store). Then, you’ll receive a notification in app that there is an update for the robot software via an over the air process. 

Many people set their devices to automatically install updates, so you may only see the over the air update notice.


Zone Creation

Do I need to create a new floor plan to use zone cleaning?

No, you can use your existing floor plans. If you go to My Floor Plan where you added No-Go lines, we’ve added the option to create zones in that same location.


Can I name my zones?

Yes, you can select from a list of provided options or choose to create a custom name.


Can the zones overlap?  Can you place a zone inside a zone?

Yes, zones can overlap and you can place a zone inside a zone. For example, some users want to make the kitchen zone, but also a zone that just covers the area near around their kitchen table. Both are possible. However, we don’t encourage a lot of overlapping since it makes things a little messy on the map.


After a zone is drawn, where will the robot clean?

When a zone is drawn, the area on the floor plan will be shaded to show where it will clean.  If the zone is drawn over two areas separated by a wall, the shaded area will show which area will be cleaned. 


Can I draw a zone that is larger than a room?

Yes. In this case the app will shade the area on the floor plan where the robot will clean. 

Note: The robot will clean to the edge of the zone boundary. If the zone created is larger than the room, and if there is a door opened that leads to an area that was not on the original floor plan, then the robot will clean this additional area in addition to the shaded area on the floor plan. 


Cleaning with zones

What is the dot on top of the zone?

This allows you to select the zone for cleaning or editing. This is particularly useful if you have overlapping zones, since it helps you select the correct zone.


How many zones can be selected to clean at a time?

One zone can be selected to be cleaned at a time. 


On the home screen, the button says the name of my floor plan. Why?

This means that no zones are selected, and if the robot is started using the app it will clean the entire floor plan that is stored.


On the home screen, the button says “All Floor Plans.” Why?

In this case, the robot has multiple floor plans stored (e.g. first floor, second floor, etc.).  If the robot is told to clean, it will automatically identify the correct floor plan to use. 


If I’ve cleaned a zone, but now want to clean the entire floor plan, how do I do that?

If a zone is still selected, deselect the zone by tapping on it and then press the green confirm button.  Then the robot can clean your entire floor plan.


What if the robot is not finished cleaning one zone, and it’s scheduled to clean another zone?

In this case, the cleaning of the second zone will be cancelled.  We recommend allowing adequate time between zone cleanings.


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