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My path is blocked error message when using zones

There are 3 possible reasons this error may occur.

  1. Path to the zone is physically blocked. This is usually caused by a closed door. The door may have been open when the floor plan was created.
    • Open any door that may be blocking the robots path and make sure the path is cleared of any physical obstructions.
  1. Object is blocking the path and the robot could not navigate around the object. When the path to the zone is blocked, Neato will try to maneuver around the object blocking the path.
    • If the object is very large Neato may not be able maneuver around the object, then the robot may send a help I’m stuck message. Best option is to move the object out of Neatos path.
    • Object blocking Neato is directly in front of Neatos charging base. Neato needs 20-30 inches of free space in front when docked to maneuver around the object. Clear the space in front to provide enough space for Neato to maneuver around the object.
    • Ideally there should be 20-30 inches of clear space in front of Neato as well as a path for Neato that is 20-30 inches wide to allow Neato to maneuver to the zone.
  1. Zone that was created is less than 20 inches in width. Neato will start up but will not attempt to reach the zone. Instead Neato will return to base.
    • Adjust the size of the zone to be 20 inches or greater in width and length.
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