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Magnetic strip usage




Neato robots have a magnetic sensor that allows them to detect the magnetic strips. They are used to temporarily mark off areas that you do not want Neato to clean. If your Neato pushes the magnetic strips, then we recommend using painters tape to prevent the magnetic strips from being moved.

A better alternative to magnetic strips is No-Go lines. Before you can use No-Go lines, you must first create a Floor Plan. No-Go lines are invisible and works just as well as magnetic strips. If you are having difficulty creating a Floor Plan because your Neato is getting stuck or confused with large glass doors, then we recommend using the magnetic strips during the Floor Plan creation. Once the Floor Plan is complete, you can draw your No-Go lines and remove the magnetic strip.

For more information on creating a Floor Plan, click here
For more information on No-Go lines, click here.

Please note, robot will go over the magnetic strips. This is to allow the robot to completely clean the area near the magnetic strip.


Important Information

Never place magnetic strips within 7 inches of a ledge or a drop. For example, at the top of the stairs or balcony.

If the area to be cleaned contains a cliff, drop, balcony, fireplace, stairs or other area where the vacuum could travel/fall that represents danger, place a physical barrier to prevent travel in that area to ensure safety. The drop sensors and boundary markers are to help the robot during cleaning but should not be solely relied upon to avoid a potential dangerous situation. Neato Robotics is not responsible for any damage to furniture, rugs or flooring.





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