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Advanced WiFi Troubleshooting


If your Neato fails to connect and you have tried the previous troubleshooting steps from the Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Guide, you may find a solution to the problem below.

Please note that if you are inexperienced with changing settings on your router / modem, you may want to contact our customer support staff first. Please consider running a Network Scan beforehand.


Reboot/Restart Devices

  1. Exit the Neato App. Exit out of it completely (do not just put in the background).
  2. Reboot the robot. Leave the Neato powered off for 5+ minutes.
  3. Disable mobile / cellular data on your device for the duration of the connection process.
  4. Reboot the phone / tablet. (Do not skip this step)

Router changes. Please make the following changes systematically to find out what is causing the issue. You will need to reset the Neato / device between changes.

  • Disable IPv6 - This setting when enabled can prevent the robots access point from being seen by the Neato app. We recommend disabling this option in the router.
  • Change DHCP lease time to days if set to hours.
  • Disable Band Steering and Fast Roaming. Note: Fast Roaming is also known as 801.11r.
  • Change the broadcast channel to 6 or 11.
  • If you have any kind of mesh network, please set up a guest network with a unique alphanumeric SSID and Password. Make sure that it is 2.4GHz exclusively. The Neato can have problems connecting to networks with multiple access points.
  • Lower or turn off any firewall / parental settings. Only do this temporarily until the Neato is connected.
  • If you are using satellite internet / mobile data to connect the latency may be to high to be operable. It is best to run a network scan and contact the customer support team to check to see if that is the case.
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