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Wheel Stuck


A wheel stuck error message is caused when a wheel is blocked with debris, or there may be an issue with the wheels motor.

Please try the following to resolve the issue.


  • Spin the wheels by hand to make sure they wheels move freely, and remove anything in their way. Check for a faint click when you press in on each wheel and another when you release.


  • If you have any compressed air, please blow out the wheel wells, to remove any debris that might be causing the issue.


  • When you turn both of the wheels they should feel exactly the same. If there is a noticeable difference then one of the might have an issue with the motor. Turn both of the wheels in each direction for a few minutes and try run the Neato again.


If the issue is persistent, please click on the blue chat icon for assistance or visit our Customer Care Contact page for more options.



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