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Neato Will Not Charge

If your Neato will not charge please try the following steps.


  • Remove the Neato from the charge base.


  • Make sure there are no light on the Neato. If there are light hold down the start button until the lights go out.


  • Clean the silver charge bars on the base and make sure the cord is properly connected. Also, clean the silver charging bars on the backside of the Neato.


  • Ensure that the outlet is providing the base with power by testing it with another device.


  • Make sure robot makes good contact with charge base. It may take 30 seconds to a minute to show the charge.


  • If it does not light up when it touches the base, please try wiggle it in place and see if it lights up even for a moment.


  • Leave the Neato sitting on the charge base for 1 hour.


If the issue is persistent, please click on the blue chat icon for assistance or visit our Customer Care Contact page for more options.


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