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Recalibrating your Neato NiMH Battery on Original Botvac and XV Units

Re-calibrate your Neato and its batteries.

Recalibrating the robot batteries can improve capacity and lengthen run time between charges.

Neato Botvac Battery Replacement and Optimization (PDF)
Neato XV Battery Replacement and Optimization (PDF)

You should re-calibrate the batteries if:

  • The robot is new
  • The batteries are new
  • You updated the software
  • Your cleaning area expanded
  • Your robot’s run time is low

Botvac Series

XV Series

Follow the steps below to re-calibrate the battery.

  • Preparation:
  1. Turn off any scheduled cleaning.
  2. Reset the batteries by going to MENU->Support->New Battery.
  3. Place the robot on its charge base overnight to ensure a full charge.
  4. Remove the robot from the charge base.
  • Battery re-calibration steps:
  1. Press the START button to start a cleaning cycle.
  2. If the robot displays “Cleaning Complete” press START button again to discharge the battery.
  3. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until you see “My Battery is low.” or “My Battery is low. I need to charge my battery before I can clean”.  Once you see one of these messages on your robot’s LCD screen proceed to step 8.
  • Recharge the robot:
  1. Charge the robot on its charge base until the status light turns solid green.
  2. Run the robot as usual until it needs to recharge again.

If the runtime does not improve after a second battery re-calibration, you may need to replace Neato’s batteries. You can purchase batteries through one of our partners here.

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